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Sooner Scribes Summer 2017 Workshop Doug Boyd Color ArtDoug Boyd A B C Art

For samples of Doug's work, please visit his website at:

This is an art workshop more than a calligraphy workshop.  Our focus will be on the tools and materials of art.  I will focus on some of the basics.  We will deal with the most basic, the Graphite Pencil, then Pen and Ink. When we get into the color portion of the workshop we will use Colored Pencils -- both regular and water-soluble. We will move on to introduce Watercolors and then the opaque watercolors, Gouache. If time permits, we will introduce Acrylics. When this point is reached, we will deal with putting these in combination to develop Mixed Media Artwork. Instead of buying a sketchbook to build a Resource Book, I am planning to bind the sheets you create with a front and back cover.

What others say about this workshop & artist:
“Throughout the weekend Doug encouraged participants to gain a broader knowledge of art in general, and helped attendees experiment with their tools and materials...and just have fun.“ 
“Doug is extremely knowledgeable and has shared his vast know-how with heart-felt enthusiasm.”
“Learned a great deal about the properties of different materials: pencils, watercolors, papers, erasers and the varieties available.”
“Doug’s dedication, thoroughness and attention to detail makes him a most excellent teacher.”
“Enjoyed learning how to add interest to letters by using variations of colors even in the same letter.”
“What a fun weekend workshop! Lots of activities with different mediums on a variety of papers; in the end we had a book of papers and notes and blank pages on which to experiment.”
“I loved the concept of working together as ARTISTS, in an ‘Atelier’ setting. This concept set a mood and gave participants a sense of working as artists and “being an artist.”

Skill Level

“This workshop is for beginners to advanced students. Some calligraphy experience preferred but not mandatory, creative imagination encouraged, willingness to have fun required.”

PDF of Doug Boyd Supply List

$100 plus $10 for cost of supplies
Send an email to Carol Manning at AND send a check for the entire fee (payable to Sooner Scribes) to Sooner Scribes, c/o Treasurer, 2523 NW 45th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73112 to reserve your space.  Checks will be deposited and not held.  Workshop limited to 15 people.  (See workshop policies below.)



Payment of a workshop fee is required to reserve a place. Fees should be collected at a meeting or mailed to the P. O. Box. The Treasurer will promptly forward the information to the Workshop Chair.

Refund Policy:
Full refund if cancelled 60 days prior to workshop;
Full refund if an alternate person can be found;
Partial refunds will not be made if able to attend only a portion of a workshop.

If extenuating circumstances occur, the Executive Board will determine whether or not refunds are applicable.


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